My New Country Has a Store That Has Become a Favorite

I love living in Singapore. I have made many friends here and have a great job. I highly doubt that I will ever go back to my home country any time soon. I have spent a lot of time at work; however, and I really missed some of the great foods that I had back home. I knew I could find some great stores here, but I simply did not have the time prior to now because I work so much. I wondered if I could find some great organic bread in Singapore to make quick sandwiches at home to eat for lunch at work and dinner at home each night. Continue reading My New Country Has a Store That Has Become a Favorite

Sleep Apnea Can Be Treated

Move over, carbon monoxide. There is a new “silent killer” in town that we need to stop. Sleep apnea (click here) afflicts over twelve million people in the United States. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those people may never even realize that they suffer from this silent, but deadly condition. To stop sleep apnea, there are a wide spectrum of ways to deal with this condition. Solutions range from simple one-time “quick fixes” to long-term therapies, to surgical intervention procedures. Which solution you choose to go with depends on a number of factors: the severity of the problem, at what stage you have diagnosed the problem (if you catch the problem earlier on in life you may be able to deal with the problem very differently than if you catch the problem after years of suffering from it), how much you can afford to spend on treatments, and your own willingness to choose a solution that works best for you. Not all solutions are appropriate for everybody. There is no “one size fits all” type of solution. Continue reading Sleep Apnea Can Be Treated

Just when I Was About to Give Up

This website helped me when I was about to give up on finding a good deal on cable television Who knew how expensive cable television could be. When we moved from one job to another we decided to look up the prices of cable television. My job was relocating me to Kansas and I thought maybe I might get better reception with cable TV over satellite TV.

The last three years I had satellite television and normally it worked out okay, that is until it would rain, and then I would lose all reception. I would be in the middle of my favorite show or movie and a small rain storm would come around and in fact it didn’t even have to be where I lived. As long as the rain was nearby I would lose the picture. Plus another thing that always bothered me was you could only record two shows and one time and one of those shows you had to be watching. I had heard cable television was far more advanced in the DVR’s and I could record up to four shows and watch a fifth one. Continue reading Just when I Was About to Give Up

10 Tips to Make Your Dance Studio Website More Effective

Simply having a website is not good enough anymore. Your website can be the most cost effective way to communicate to existing and perspective customers. Your website can serve as a powerful round-the-clock marketing tool for your studio. I know there are many owners who still view a website as a necessary evil, but if you look at the typical “buyer profile of young children’s activities” – these parents, mostly moms, spend a large amount of time “buying” on the web and want information NOW.

It is important to have these types of strategies in place:
Drive perspective & existing customers to your website
Guide perspective customers through the “buying process” in “baby” steps
Have a simple “call to action” like “schedule your a free trial”, “schedule a free tour”
Allow existing customers to get to information quickly, they know what they want, let them find it easily Continue reading 10 Tips to Make Your Dance Studio Website More Effective