Swedish Massage

What Is Swedish Massage?

If you have even been in a spa, you must be acquainted with the stress relief of swedish massage, where your nerves are unbundled and all your troubles slip away.. And if you have never gone for a massage, then think again, as you are depriving yourself of its many benefits. When it comes to its particular health benefits, nothing can come in comparison to it.

This therapy belongs to that introductory group of techniques that involves the compact, yet gentle strokes. Here you need to lie down on a flat elevated table along with a cut-out for the face. Then the massage therapist starts from your stomach with long-firm strokes towards your back and gradually over Swedish Massageyour shoulders, arms and down to lower back and legs. Then you will be asked to turn over facing up where you will be treated with your upper shoulders, arms and legs. The therapist usually uses his or her flat palm, heel of the hand or grouping of fingertips to produce pressure on tight spots and loosen and lengthen the muscles. It is especially designed to increase the blood flow and circulation in the large muscle groups.


Apart from the relaxing splurge, this technique has several therapeutic or holistic health benefits including pain relief, reducing the effects of carpel tunnel syndrome, boosting immune system functionality, lowering blood pressure, reducing headaches to name a few. Let’s focus on some of its major health benefits.

One study by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, published in the New York Times, discovered that those receiving a 45 minute massage were able to noticeably lower their levels of the stress hormone cortisol and also arginine vasopressin, which is a hormone that often increases cortisol. Those participating in the study also found increases in the levels of lymphocytes and white blood cells, which are part of the immune system.

  • Pain Relief

As an integral part of pain relief for sports injuries and chronic pain, it is considered very useful. The session targets particular areas on pain including sprained ankles or chronic painful conditions like arthritis. Severely painful conditions are often made more bearable with using the strokes to improve blood circulation and body-wide relaxation.


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  • Body Relaxation and Increased Blood Flow

One of its benefits is the overall relaxation as each stroke relaxes the individual muscles where the recipient experiences an overall reduction of mental stress. When the strokes are performed towards the heart, it helps to drain the metabolic waste from the limbs. Some specific strokes of this massage therapy improve blood circulation and speed up the removal of bodily waste.

  • Elimination of Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression

Some studies proved the correlation between this holistic therapy and reduction of fatigue and anxiety in the cancer patients. It is certainly beneficial to diminish the incapacitation of cancer-related fatigue and depression. After each session, the recipients are left with a better sense of well-being.

Due to its many health benefits, more and more people are opting for Swedish massage. After knowing these amazing benefits, you’re likely to want to take advantage of them. You can find spas offering this service in most cities, even in places like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, where I reside.